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04/26/2015 23:20

Icosgel( the world's best manufacturers of UV nail gel, is in a Guangzhou Icosgel, Dongyuan Icosgel nail factory, Hong Kong Icosgel international limited group of companies, as well as China beauty-culture and cosmetic industry association professional Committee member nail unit. Continued support by customers at home and abroad for many years, the company now provides more than 60 countries around the world with high quality UV nail gel products. Let nail users around the world have in the beauty, fashion, healthy nail is our founding principle.

Icosgel’s factory is located in dongyuan County, Guangdong Province, Tang Hui Tong industrial area. It’s China's largest and most advanced manufacturer of gel. Company to introduce United States advanced gel formulation, product performance meets high-end customer request; we hired over more than 10 experienced developer who can long continue to provide customers with high quality products, and the ability to develop targeted products according to customer requirements; All products are using United States, and European of quality material manufacturing, effective of guarantee all batch products of quality stable; company carried out has ISO quality management system of quality management, using perfect of, and science of quality management method, configuration advanced, and complete of quality test equipment, training experience rich of quality management personnel, makes we of products consistently of keep quality, and high stable, and deeply both at home and abroad General beauty methyl customer favorite and certainly.

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Our products are mainly dominated by light therapy gel, variety complete, reliable quality, excellent performance and reasonable price, our company has long maintained close cooperation with Chinese colleges and universities at home and abroad, So that our products comply with 5E (Energy,Economy, Environment,,Ecosystem,Exellence) principle. Products include oil, carving, engraving plastic, jelly rubber, color clear gel glue, phototherapy (UV, and LED, and UV/LED). Nail Glue: step three-step adhesive, glue, wash/scrub-free glue, drawing pens, foreign exports of container, OEM is acceptable.

OEM:Various nail enamel Remover Barbie rubber processing, removable binding agent processing, can be processed off clear gel, soak scrub seal processing, demountable disposable seal processing, detachable scrub seal processing.

One-stop service to assist you to easily have your own brand of nail glue

Guangzhou Icosgel Co.Ltd. Under the Professional nail glue bottle design department. Packaging raw materials purchasing, and professional workshops. From raw materials, design, manufacturing, integration of every aspect of the company, one-stop carefully orchestrated. OEM factory saves you find cosmetics and raw materials, and a printing plant, and design planning, the company's cumbersome process to avoid when quality issues occurs, don't know which link held the helpless situation. Give your time, quality, communication and maximum protection.


1?Raw materials, formulation, packaging, production and technical advice

2?Semi-finished products, finished products, packing materials acceptance

3?Processing of semi-finished and finished products, filling.

4?Warehousing, freight transport (logistics or courier) service We always provide professional, customer satisfaction, fast, attentive service. Focus on the details of each service, pleasant cooperation relationship with the customer, becomes the customer likes, loves nail art light boil glue supplier.

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