Some tips tell you how to better prepare the magician performing stage to achieve the perfect effect

04/28/2015 22:35

April 19, 2015-America-All objects which could be used in a magician performing could be regarded as the magic supplies. The magic props are the professional tools for magician but even the wisdom of magician. Whether it is practice or prop, the good performances and good combination could help to create very good performing result. However, the generally conclusion is that magic supplies is far more wonderful than the magic skills. It can be said the good magic skills need to be assisted by the good magic props and tricks. The following information is about how to better prepare the magic tricks on the performing stage to achieve the most effective effect.

After the going up of the stage curtain, the first thing that will enter into the sight of people should be the magic colorful tables and large and medium-sized magic tricks. Those props constitute the beautiful, clear, healthy and generous of the stage. So, how set those props to appropriately arrangement should be paid more attention by people. As the introduction by famous online magic tricks, the colorful table could be regarded as one of an important magic tool as most of those small magic tricks should be putted on the table. If people do not pay more attention to this point, the magic principle will be easily exposed at the end. The putting of the table should be depended on the size and the audience position in the arena.

Please remember that some prop will be initially putted on the stage and some temporary magic tricks will be placed by the assistant. Magician should determine this according to the actually need. Please remember the importance of the order or it will affect the picture beautiful on arena.

In short, every magic tricks on magic stage are closely combined into an organic whole. So, please think each step more and more carefully.

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