Woman Goes To Jail for Using Fake Arcade Tokens

04/29/2015 05:08

April 21, 2015-America-A Chinese woman was recently sentenced to 8 months in prison and fined 20000 RMB after being caught using fake game tokens at a public arcade.

Recently divorced 34-year-old Zhang Lili of Sanmenxian Zhejiang province China spent the better half of the last year playing arcade games at her local video game arcade. Each arcade token costs about 0.5 RMB (3 cents). Zhang was particularly enthralled with the digital fishing game, spending loads of tokens each sitting.

Zhang says she spent way too much money so when she heard about a website where she could buy custom metal tokens for cheap, she "pounced" on the opportunity.

Taking pictures of the tokens used at her local arcade, Zhang ordered over 30,000 tokens.

Over the course of May to October, she spent the majority of her redemption tickets. Eventually, her usage of tokens caught the eye of the arcade owner. He discovered that there were way more tokens in his arcade than the amount that the arcade started with.

Realizing the jig was up, Zhang confessed to the crime and went to the local police station to turn herself in. According to the police Zhang spent over 20,000 of her funny tokens causing the arcade to lose over $1570.

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